About Alikhani98


My name’s Sadegh. I live and work in Yazd, Iran


I consider myself to be extremely fortunate, because my ‘job’, such as it is, generally entails doing what I love. I call myself a designer as it’s a nice umbrella term for the web design / Marketing / badminton work that.


A brief history

  1. 1996

    Born in the suburbs of Yazd, Iran.

  2. 2009

    Getting to know the Blogfa website and Blogers.ir The start of my interest in blog design

  3. 2012

    The boundless world for me and getting to know WordPress Launching the 4blogers.com site

  4. 2015 - 2017

    I was employed as a worker in Behin Sazeh company. (Double-glazed door and window production factory) Later, I worked as a marketer and sales expert in the office.

  5. 2017 – 2019

    Compulsory military service :(.

  6. 2019

    Continuing studies in the field of business management

  7. ... early 2020

    Well, hello there, pandemic-induced economic collapse! Now what?

  8. 2022

    Back to my favorite! Doing website design and starting freelance.